3 Reasons Snowshoeing is the Best Winter Activity

When it comes to choosing a winter sport, one activity that should not be overlooked is snowshoeing. Waiting to try snowshoeing is one of my biggest regrets because now I love it so much! There is something so magical about being able to walk through three feet of fresh snow and enjoy the gorgeous snow covered land around you.

For those that have never tried the sport, I highly recommend it! Even though snowshoeing is considered a winter sport, it is definitely a winter activity anyone can enjoy.

Here are three reasons that snowshoeing is the best activity.

  1. You can enjoy the snow without being cold.

Too many people claim they do not like the snow because they do not like being cold. Snowshoeing completely eliminates this problem. Snowshoeing is not exactly a rigorous workout, but it is considered a sport and you can easily compare it going on a flat hike.

One of the more appealing facts about snowshoeing is how it can actually help improve a person’s health; the sport helps burn more than 600 calories per hour. This activity will keep your blood pumping, which in turns keep you warm, which means you never feel the pain of the cold snow! But be warned: I definitely recommend snow socks!

  1. Snowshoeing allows you to stand on feet of snow.

On a fresh powder day there is nothing like running out to play in the snow. Until you sink deep past your knees and get stuck. This is another issue snowshoeing eliminates.

As soon as you get snowshoes attached to your boots, you float on snow. No sinking and no getting stuck. You can walk right on top of fresh snow without worrying about not being able to make it to your destination.

  1. You get to breathe in the beauty of winter.

We’ve all seen the photos of a perfect winder wonderland: fresh snow everywhere, trees glistening and that pristine layer of white on top of everything. It’s beautiful. Even though there are tons of snow sports to choose from, I personally do not believe any of them allow you to take in the beauty of winter quite like snowshoeing does. Unless you plan on using your snowshoeing day for cardio, you can take it easy and enjoy the scenery around you. Snowshoeing truly allows you to breathe in the cold air and enjoy the beauty of winter.


Now that I’ve sold you on how wonderful snowshoeing is, here are a few things I recommend you take with you to have the perfect day:

Snowshoes. Okay, that’s a given, but before you run off and buy a pair, know that tons of places have snowshoes for rent during the winter. This way you can make sure you love it 100% before buying your own pair.

Warm Snow Boots. Tennis shoes aren’t going to cut it on this one. Snow is water, and if you do not have waterproof boots, your feet are going to get cold!

Water. Just like during the summer you need to stay hydrated during all winter sports.

Lots of Layers. I personally get really warm while snowshoeing, but when I start my day it is still chilly outside. I wear layers so I can strip down if I get warm, but also bundle up if a surprise snowstorm hits.

A Camera. The first time I went snowshoeing I took over 200 photos that day. Every few minutes I saw another beautiful view. You are going to want your camera for this!

A Great Trail. Knowing a great trail or having a guide that can take you to beautiful sites is definitely worth it. Although you can strap on your snowshoes and just go for it, certain trails or hikes are going to truly give you the best experience and let you see the best views.

Are you ready to start planning your snowshoeing excursion? Be sure to discuss snowshoeing with one of the Lapland Holiday experts when planning your next winter vacation.


Thanks for reading!

Caitlin Stewart

This blog was written by Caitlin Stewart a travel blogger from Reno – Nevada and author of travel blog EscapeReno.