Why we choose Lapland for a Christmas getaway.

Snowscapes, frozen lakes, wooden lodges and enchanting forests are what spring into our minds when we think of Lapland. The nostalgic Childhood land of Christmas, a magical winter wonderland and official home of Santa Claus and number one Christmas getaway location. When it comes to Christmas breaks and holidays you can’t get any more authentic than Lapland, Lapland is and always will be every child’s dream for a Christmas holiday. These are 5 reasons why we choose Lapland over any other destination for the perfect Christmas getaway!


During the winter months Lapland becomes an enchanting wonderland steeped in fields of snow and deep enchanting forests. From November through to January you can expect roughly 5 hours of daylight in this isolated part of the world. Its Nordic landscape creates a postcard image of a Christmas landscape perfect for Christmas activities and family fun whether your visiting Santa, relaxing by an open log fire or skiing the Lapland slopes.

Lapland offers such a flexible range of trips, from day trips to short breaks to holidays throughout the festive season. With so many different types of Christmas getaways on offer it makes this destination almost perfect for any families budget for a winter holiday during the Christmas season. Prices on average range from around £400 per person upwards.

Lapland is filled with Christmas activities everywhere you turn; from husky led sleigh rides, snow mobile safaris, ice fishing, skiing and visiting Santa’s workshop to meet with father Christmas. Lapland offers some of the most authentic visits for Children to meet with Santa, some of Finland’s most incredible skiing, and an abundance of Christmas themed activities. If you are looking for a snow filled Christmas Lapland is the number one choice!

4.Christmas Spirit
With Lapland being the go to place for a Christmas holiday the area is filled with Christmas charm and families, couples and groups all visiting to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Being the official home of Santa and Christmas destination of choice the Christmas spirit comes in bucket loads, if you’re looking for cheer, and Christmas enjoyment look no further than Lapland.

For such a remote location during the winter months Lapland is incredibly easy to reach from the UK. During the winter season flights to region are dramatically increased with flights scheduled from most major and local UK airports making it so easy to plan a trip to Lapland departing from your nearest town.

6. Choice
Lapland really does offer something for everyone, with so many types of trips available in a range of locations across Lapland, you can find anything from fully commercialized themed trips at Santa’s village to remote and isolated intimate Christmas breaks or adrenaline filled adventures with snow mobile safaris and skiing tours throughout this area of Finland.