Lapland holidays to Yllasjarvi

For a holiday to Lapland, Yllasjarvi is one of the most enchanting locations, saturated in unspolit natural beauty this area of Lapland offers an unequaled destination for a relaxing and traditional Christmas break. Yllasjarvi is the perfect destination for anyone who is looking book a non commercial and relaxing break in the arctic circle for a Christmas holiday.

Like many destinations within Finnish Lapland Yllasjarvi is located in a 718 meter high fell of Kolari in Lapland on the edge of one Finland most spectacular national parks. Yllasjarvi is one of the two villages of Yllas a bleak and tranquil snow covered landscape set on the edge of a forest making it the perfect setting to explore and experience the arctic circle. With Finland’s longest ski slope and large network of cross country skiing, ski cafes and restaurants Yllasjarvi is highly recommended as a must visit destination for any family or traveller looking to experience a traditional Nordic landscape full of nature and picturesque views. Yllasjarvi has a fantastic choice of accommodation from hotels to exceptional Lapland log cabins. With exceptionally clear skies Yllasjarvi  is one of the worlds prime locations for catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.


Yllasjarvi is 24 miles from the airport of Kittila making it easily accessible via organised transfer. Temperatures in this region during the winter months tend to range from -12 to -22 during November and December. Even with its remote and secluded location on a holiday to Yllas you can enjoy a wide range of Christmas activities along with some breathtaking skiing below are some of the activities you can enjoy on a winter holiday to Yllasjarvi.

  • Private meetings with Santa
  • Dinner with Santa
  • Husky and Reindeer safaris
  • Christmas activities at Santa’s workshop
  • Snowmobile safaris
  • Yllas Saaga Spa hotel
  • Ski resorts
  • Short transfer times
  • Sight seeing the Northern Lights
  • Direct flights to Lapland from Gatwick, Bristol and Manchester

Why visit Yllasjarvi on a winter holiday.

  • Unspoilt Landscape
  • Traditional winter experience
  • Beautiful Skiing routes
  • Clear sky’s for viewing the Northern Lights

Where is Yllasjarvi – Yllasjarvi is located at the foot of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park 150 kilometers north of the arctic circle
How do you get to Yllasjarvi – Yllasjarvi is approximately 24 miles fro Kittla airport
Temperatures in Yllasjarvi – Temperatures during November and December range between -12 to -22

Why we Love Lapland holidays to Yllasjarvi

We love Yllasjarvi for it’s incredible untouched winter landscape and traditional Lappish culture. It doesn’t get much better than Yllas for a traditional Christmas holiday with its abundance of natural beauty and endless white snow, Yllas is the go to destination for anyone wanting to experience the true magic of Christmas on a Lapland holiday.