How Santa’s Salmon place is the answer to cuisine in Lapland

Head to the arctic circle, right to the top off Finland into the wilderness of Lapland, go a little north of Rovaniemi to a place called Tähtikuja, and you will find the most traditional Lappish cuisine you can find anywhere.

Set inside a traditional Lappish Tepee amongst the trees and snow, Santa’s Salmon place serves traditional freshly baked Salmon by their open fire. Santa’s salmon place is all about the atmosphere, the little Tepee is full of charm the perfect spot for relaxing and capturing the enchanting setting of Lapland.

The menu is small and there’s not a huge selection on offer. The tiny menu consists of just Salmon with potato salad and bread at €19 and traditional Lappish cheese with cloudberry jam at €5. Meals are served on natural wooden plates with a selection of cold and hot drinks.

In search of traditional food and an incredible atmosphere with Lapland, Santa’s salmon place is defiantly worth a stop.

You can visit their website here Santa’s Salmon Place

Santa's salmon place