Everything you need to know about flights to Lapland.

Lapland is a secluded area of Finland located in the Arctic circle. During the majority of the year flights can be quite limited from the UK to Lapland. If you are considering a winter holiday to Lapland, there are number of things to be aware of. This post will help you understand flights to Lapland and what to consider when looking for a winter holiday to Lapland.

Explained in this post.

• Lapland Airports.
• Lapland winter weather conditions.
• Flight increases during the festive season.
• Lapland flight availability.
• Flight duration from the UK to Lapland.
• Popular UK departing airports for Lapland.

How many airports are there in Lapland

Lapland has 6 airports;
• Rovaniemi (RVN) located 10 km north of Rovaniemi city centre.
• Kittila (KTT) Located inside the Arctic circle. Kittila airport handles most of the seasonal international traffic to Lapland.
• Ivalo (IVL) 11km southwest of Ivalo, the most northern most airport of Finland.
• Kemi-Tornio (KEM) 6km north of Kemi city near the district of Lautiosaari
• Kuusamo (KAO) 6km north east of Kuusamo town centre.
• Enontekio (ENF) 5 km north west of Enontekio, 5 nautical miles of Hetta.

Weather conditions.

During the winter months’ temperatures in Lapland can reach as low as -35. The average temperature during December ranges between -9 and -3. Arctic conditions can often cause delays with flights and often flights to Lapland can experience delays. With limited flights this can often cause issues with flights.

Flights increases during the festive season.

During the winter months flights to Lapland are increased to cope with the demand of tourists wanting to visit the region for festive reasons. In the winter months you can find scheduled direct flights from the UK to Lapland making it much easier to find a convenient flight.

Lapland Flight availability.

Although during the festive season flights are increased they are still relatively limited. With a large increase of people visiting this region for Christmas celebrations, flights can book up extremely quickly. It is recommended to book a flight to Lapland as soon as possible to avoid fully booked flights.

Flight duration time from the UK to Lapland.

Flights times to Lapland will vary depending on your departing UK airport, however flights to Lapland from the UK will last around 3 and half hours.